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Συνεργασία του Cyclades Trail Cup με την Ink Global Flyjournal Magazine

Πέρα από τα σύνορα της Ευρώπης πετάει το Cyclades Trail Cup που ξεκινά μια νέα συνεργασία με την Ink Global, με στόχο την προβολή των Κυκλάδων και των ορεινών αγώνων στα νησιά τους. 

Το, εν πτήση, περιοδικό “Flyjournal” παρουσιάζει το Cyclades Trail Cup και προτείνει τους αγώνες του Φθινοπώρου!

Δείτε το περιοδικό online ΕΔΩ

Διαβάστε την αγγλική μετάφραση του άρθρου:

running races in the Cycladic islands, located in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Each island is different from the other, but all of them have one thing in common: The so-called “kalderimia”. These are footpaths with stone fences, about 1 meter in height, on either side. Some islands have “kalderimia” that are over 2000 years old, meaning that the routes of the races are chosen to trace the ancient history of Greece.

Unlike city races, trail races have variable difficulty. Apart from having a good physical condition, athletes should also train in ascending stairs. Balancing is also an important part of their training, since they will need to pass small obstacles and avoid falls in races with steep descents.

Each island offers different courses, depending on the participant’s level. Athletes seeking the ultimate experience will need to be properly equipped. We suggest trail running shoes, as well as a running belt with a filled water bottle.

Επόμενος αγώνας του Cyclades Trail Cup, το Syros City Trail στις 2 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017. Δηλώστε συμμετοχή στο www.syroscitytrail.gr



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